How to

Wet hair and add your fave shampoo to roots only. Use your scalp massager to work your shampoo in in gentle, circular motions across your whole head. Curly hair? Stick to smaller circular motions!

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  • Run Your Fingers Through My Hair Bamboo Comb

    Squeeze out excess water and apply your fave conditioner to your mid-lengths and ends (avoid your roots!) Gently comb your conditioner through until it’s fully worked through.

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  • Wrap Me Up BBY Bamboo Hair Towel

    Squeeze out excess water, flip your head upside down and place the button at the back of your head. Twist hair into the turban, pull back over head and secure with the button. Keep on for at least 10 mins for best results. Dry & style as normal for gorgeous, gorgeous hair.

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