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Love it

Love using my scalp massager my hair feels so clean after every wash and I don’t have a an itchy scalp anymore thank you soo much!!

Tea Tree 'Em Mean Conditioner Tester (New Formula)
Amy Hodgson
Love the idea but not quite there - would try again though!

I love the concept of indie with it being sustainable and without silicone. However, I found it hard to wash with and didn’t feel ‘clean’ after the wash, but I thought I’d give it the benefit of the doubt. Sadly, the next morn my hair looked greasier than normal and felt quite stiff. I know there is a natural transition stage but I had to use a tonne to feel like I was getting it all around my head. I loved that it arrived in cardboard packaging and will defo keep my eyes open for any other developments! Great idea Indie!

Works well

So soft!

Love it, feels great and gets the product all over my head.

Can't believe i've gone 27 years without one of these

I was skeptical at first, but my hair wasn't lasting long between washes so thought i'd give a scalp massager a try. Omg not only does it feel good but it works the product in so much better and my hair feels cleaner than it ever has.

Amazing at properly cleansing my scalp after oiling

I’m using a shampoo that doesn’t lather atm and this is a life saver for ensuring my scalp is cleanser all over. Can’t stop telling everyone how much I love it! ❤️

Didn’t know I needed this but my friend recommended it to me and now I realise my scalp just wasn’t healthy before. Massively recommend for a proper scalp cleanse!

Dandruff was noticeably clearer in a week. I've used shampoo brushes before and they all irritated my scalp more. Glad I decided to buy this

Replaced a cheap one from amazon with this and the difference is unreal. It's so much gentler on my scalp and helped my dandruff way more. Happy its got no plastic section too

Delivery took longer than expected

Delivery took 3 days

My boyfriend steals it so I've had to buy two, but it works wonders for my greasy roots 💚

Love it

Really like feel of the silicone, not too rough like the plastic ones! Bought one for my friend also.

Couldn't cope without it

Love my scalp massager it's made my dandruff so much better

Starter Duo - Pink
Left residue on my hair

I decided to give this shampoo and conditioner the benefit of the doubt so I've been using it for a little while but it leaves a horrible residue on my hair no matter how much I rinse it, it constantly feels like I have hair wax or something in. Going to use them separately this week to see if one is better than the other. Such a shame as I was excited to find a refillable brand.

Starter Duo - Pink
Sheila Passmore

Not used yet as a Christmas present but pleased with the prompt delivery and eco friendly packaging

Starter Duo - Pink

so happy

Starter Duo - Pink
Gaynor Bennett
Great service

Great service and beautifully packaged nice smelling shampoo and conditioner. I haven’t tried either yet as have other products to finish but am looking forward to trying them and very pleased with the green ccredentials.

Starter Duo - White
Hettie A.

I really didn't get on with the shampoo I bought. It made my hair feel really greasy. I spoke to Jo and she replaced it for me with no issues with the tea tree which my hair and scalp LOVE. I had no issues with the conditioner at any point, or any transition period. Really happy my issue got sorted, great product just not one that worked for me at first.

Starter Duo - White

My hair feels amazing

Refill Duo

my new go to

Starter Duo - White
love it

was so happy when it arrived - love it

Conditioner Starter - Pink
Jaz E.
Love it!

I've been using this conditioner for a couple of weeks now and it's made my hair feel so much healthier already!
I have shoulder length curly hair and since returning to the UK after two years living abroad, using silicone free hair products, my hair was not appreciating my return to a non-natural conditioner. My hair was dry and frizzy and often felt like I hadn't washed all the product out even if I had. But since making the switch it's so soft and just feels like my hair again!
The conditioner has a nice, fresh scent thats not overpowering at all and I feel like a little goes a long way. I think I'll get the shampoo as well when I've finished my last Korean refill.
I was really happy to find Indie and not only get a natural, silicone free product but also to have a beautiful reusable bottle and get refills in future. It feels better for my hair and the planet :)
I love the attention to detail and that it came in all recyclable packaging with a lovely hand written note, thanks so much Indie! x