Why isn't Olaplex working?

Why isn't Olaplex working?

Ah, Olaplex. The holy grail of hair care, the miracle worker, the answer to all your hair problems. Or so we're told. But let's be real, just like anything else in this world, Olaplex isn't for everyone. And I'm here to tell you why.

How does Olaplex work?

Olaplex is a bond multiplier, which means it works by repairing the broken bonds in the hair structure that are caused by chemical treatments, heat styling, and environmental damage. The product contains patented active ingredients that penetrate the hair and find broken bonds, then links them back together, effectively repairing the hair from within.

girl wearing hat with damaged hair

Who is Olaplex for?

Olaplex is designed for all hair types, including colour-treated, chemically-treated, and damaged hair. Although it's specifically formulated to repair and protect hair from the damage caused by chemical treatments such as coloring, bleaching, and heat styling.

Will Olaplex save my hair?

We get this question A LOT, and in short - it depends! 

Whilst Olaplex is a lifesaver for hair that's been chemically treated, heat styled, and otherwise abused. It can make your hair feel dry and brittle if you hair is actually dry, rather than damaged.

And, let's be real, dry, brittle hair is not the look we're going for. So, if your hair needs hydration, it's best to skip Olaplex and reach for a nourishing, hydrating treatment instead.

girl with damaged hair

How to tell if my hair is dry or damaged?

Dry hair can look deceptively similar to damaged hair. So here's how to tell if your dry hair is masquerading as damaged.

Take a single strand of wet hair from you head straight after your shower or bath. Gently pull the hair at both ends and see how stretchy it is. If it’s able to expand by around a third before returning to it’s original length, then you know your hair is healthy.

If there is no stretch at all, then you have damage problems. Your hair would benefit from a bond-building treatment and some TLC. If the hair stretches but then doesn’t return to it’s original size, then your hair is dry, so grab a hydrating mask and some hydration boosting shampoo and conditioner and get moisturising.

In conclusion, Olaplex is a great product for repairing damaged hair, but it's not the answer for hair that needs hydration. So, if you're struggling with dry, brittle hair, skip Olaplex and reach for a product that's designed to hydrate and nourish your hair. Trust me, your hair will thank you!

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