What is Blue Monday?

What is Blue Monday?

What is Blue Monday?

Blue Monday is a term that refers to a day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) that is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. 

Is Blue Monday real?

In short, no. Blue Monday is bullsh*t.

Yes, you read that right. The so-called "most depressing day of the year" is nothing more than a marketing ploy dreamed up by a travel company back in 2005. There's no scientific evidence to support the idea that one specific day in January is any more depressing than any other day of the year.

What is Blue Monday based on?

The concept of Blue Monday originated when SkyTravel wanted to find the best day of the year to book a holiday.

They asked a psychologist, Cliff Arnall, to come up with a formula for the January blues, which they used to promote their holidays. The formula included the following factors:

  • Weather
  • Debt
  • Monthly salary
  • Time since Christmas
  • Time since failing our new year’s resolutions
  • Low motivation levels
  • The feeling of a need to take action

Arnall told the Daily Telegraph at the time, “I was originally asked to come up with what I thought was the best day to book a summer holiday when I started thinking about the motives for booking a holiday, reflecting on what thousands had told me during stress management or happiness workshops, there were these factors that pointed to the third Monday in January as being particularly depressing.” Hence the term Blue Monday came about.

How to beat Blue Monday

So instead of buying into this nonsense about Blue Monday, let's focus on what we can control. Let's make a conscious effort to start our week off on the right foot. Here are a few things you can do to beat the Monday blues:

  • Plan something fun for the week ahead. It could be as simple as a dinner with friends or a movie night at home. Having something to look forward to can make a huge difference in your mood.

  • Get some exercise. Whether it's a gym session, a yoga class, or a brisk walk outside, physical activity is a proven mood booster.

  • Practice gratitude. Take a few minutes each morning to think about the things you're grateful for in your life. It's a simple but powerful way to shift your perspective and start your day on a positive note.

So, don't let Blue Monday get you down. It's just another Monday, and with the right mindset and a few simple strategies, you can make it a great one. Let's call it what it is: a load of crap and move on with our day.

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