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5 Refillable Products You Can't Live Without

Everything seems to be a revolution these days. But the boom of refill products really feels like one.

As more and more of us are trying to ensure our homes are eco-friendly we're looking to replace standard products with refills wherever we can.

phox water capsule with brita water capsules and jug

Phox Water - Refillable Water Filters Compatible with Brita Jugs

Nothing beats a cup of cool, crisp water when you're thirsty. But the hard water that comes out our taps in the UK means too many people use bottled water. We thought the best changes we could make would be to get ourselves a Brita jug, but now Phox Water have unlocked a new level of eco-friendly water habits.

Never throw away a cartridge again with their refillable alternative. Their refill granules fit through your letterbox and are made in the UK. They have a choice of two refill granules: clean to soften water and improve taste, and alkaline to help acid reflux and (of course) improve taste.

Check them out here: Website | Insta | TikTok

Waycap refillable coffee capsule nespresso compatible

Waycap - Refillable Coffee Pods

Our toxic trait is mainlining coffee into our veins all day. We've been living on instant coffee thanks to the extreme waste created by capsules. But Waycap are here to save our taste buds with their refillable aluminium coffee pod. So now we can choose our fave coffee ground coffee and over-caffeinate to our hearts content.

Check them out here: Website | Insta

Homethings bottles on surface

Homethings - Refillable Cleaning Products

We've spoken about Homethings before, so you know how much we love them. We love the design of their bottles and that they fit so perfectly in our home. Plus their products smell so gooood and just make sense.

Check them out here: Website | Insta

aluminium refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles silver and black with indie logo
Indie - Refillable Shampoo and Conditioner Using 99% Less Plastic

We're not normally ones to toot our own horn (that's a lie, we totally are). But we have a SERIOUS problem with the fact that 520 million shampoo bottles are thrown away in the UK every year. 

Meet our refillable aluminium bottles designed to look good in your home and reduce plastic by 99%. We've developed our new refill shampoo and conditioner formulas alongside our customers, scientists and hairdressers so get ready for our unreal September launch.

Check us out here: Insta | TikTok

brushd totthpaste tablets bottle and refill

Brushd - Eco-Friendly Oral Care

We love toothpaste tablets. Not only do they look better in our bathroom, they're also so much easier to travel with and we never have to deal with the gross hard bit if you leave the lid off. 

And with Brushd you only have to buy the bottle once, and refill using their cardboard refill packages. Perfect.

Check them out here: Website | Insta

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