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How To: Hair Turban

Women spend, on average 1.5 hours a week blowdrying their hair. Not only does blowdrying cause excessive damage to your hair, you've probably got far better things to be doing. 

But what if we told you you could easily HALVE your drying time without doing any extra work? Sounds too good to be true. But it isn't.

It's time to get yourself a hair turban


Hair turbans are specially made to dry your hair quickly and without damage. Not only do they replace a standard towel, which are harsh on your hair, pull and create static. They also speed up your drying time, meaning less heat on your hair to dry and style. Wins all round.

Hair turbans are typically made from microfibre materials (but if you want an option that's more sustainable AND gentler on hair check out our bamboo towel)


 Luckily hair turbans are super easy to use. Read on for our quick guide so you can get wrapping your hair up ASAP.

  1. Flip your hair over so that your head is hanging upside down
  2. Place your hair turban over your head and hair with the button at the nape of your neck
  3. Twist the end of the turban making sure all your hair is wrapped into the towel
  4. Straighten up while pulling the towel back over your head and secure by hooking the loop around the button
  5. Put your feet up and relax!

We recommend wearing the turban for at least 10 minutes to get the proper benefits. Although many of our customers find our towel is comfy and secure enough to sleep in, ensuring dry hair in the AM. 


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