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How Often You Should Wash Your Hair According To Your Hair Type

I can't come out I'm washing my hair. Depending on your hair type this may actually be true. But how often should each hair type be washing their hair? 

It's important to get your hair wash schedule right, as over washing can lead to dry, brittle hair. While under washing can leave your scalp prone to dandruff. 

So how do you work out the best hair washing schedule for you? First things first, use our quick 3 step process to determine your hair type. Then read on. We got you baby.

How Often To Wash Fine Hair

Somewhat surprisingly fine hair needs washing more than other hair types. Fine hair tends to get oily quickest, and becomes weighed down faster than other hair types. You may find you need to wash your hair everyday. But don't leave it longer than two.

Fine hair will show product and oil build up more than other hair types. Meaning cleansing more regularly to prevent scalp build up. It's important you keep conditioner away from your roots, as this will make scalp build up worse. 

Those with fine hair should look for a lightweight shampoo with volumising benefits. Look for ingredients like wheat protein which will plump up your strands, making them look and feel thicker.

How Often To Wash Medium Hair

Lucky medium-haired gals are blessed with the easiest hair type to manage. You may find your ends get dry and your roots get oily after a couple of days, but generally you'll keep a good level of volume and body throughout your wash cycle. You'll want to wash your hair every 2-3 days.

Look for a shampoo and conditioner duo that effectively cleanses at the root but still packs a punch of moisture for your ends. 

How Often To Wash Thick Hair

If you've got thick hair you're likely to have plenty of natural body, even when you've gone a few days without washing. However, we recommend you don't leave it longer than 3-4 days between washing.

Your scalp will be begging for a good cleanse after a few days, and keeping it clean and clear prevents dandruff and product build up.

You'll want to look for products that tame frizz and re-hydrate. Your hair could probably use the moisture boost.

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