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Hot Weather - Keeping Your Hair Healthy & Frizz-Free

Cor Blimey did someone turn up the heat here in the UK. But while we're all enjoying a dip in a pool, or an Aperol Spritz in the sun, our hair might be crying out for a little extra TLC. 

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How Does Hot Weather Affect Your Hair?

Direct exposure to sun can be harmful to your hair's overall health. Just like when you apply heat through blow-drying or straightening, excessive rays cause damage to strands and can affect its ability to retain moisture. 

UVA and UVB rays also cause damage to the scalp and cuticles, which inhibits moisture from reaching the hair shaft. If you already suffer with dry, damaged or frizzy hair, you might find yourself looking more and more like Monica from Friends on vacay. 

You might be tempted to wash your hair more, but excessive washing removes natural oils from your scalp, which will further dry out strands and can lead to an excess of sebum production. 

Why Do I have To Dye My Hair More In The Summer?

If you're finding you have to dye your hair more in summer, you're probably not protecting your hair enough from damaging UV rays. This causes your colour to fade and break down faster. Look for UV protection serums or oils to prevent early fading and save yourself some money! 

If you dye your hair blonde you'll probably find that your colour lightens through the summer months, which might be a bonus for you. However we still recommend protecting from UV, as it will be causing premature damage.  

How To Keep Hair Healthy In Hot Weather

1. Use a sulphate-free shampoo

Despite providing a lovely lather that we've come to associate with hair washing, sulphates can be super drying for your hair and scalp. A sulphate-free shampoo will give you the gentle clean you need to keep your scalp free of build-up and your follicles happy. Pair it with a scalp massager to ensure you're getting a thorough cleanse.

2. Oil your scalp 

It seems counter intuitive to add oil in this heat, but a weekly at home scalp treatment will balance your scalps moisture levels, especially if you can't help but wash your hair more often.

3. Keep hair covered from the sun

Even a few minutes of direct exposure to the sun can cause damage to the hair. Your hairline takes the brunt of the sun, so look for a hair and scalp sunscreen or a hat to keep it protected at all times. 

4. Reduce dry shampoo use

Dry shampoo clogs your scalp and can create excess sebum in the long-run. If you must use dry shampoo, try to use a small amount before bed so that it has time to soak up grease while you sleep. you'll need to use less and both your scalp and wallet will thank you.

5. Limit the use of hot styling tools

It seems obvious, but if our hair is looking extra frizzy we're more likely to turn to our hairdryer or straighteners to help us out. But this will do more damage in the long-run. Avoiding these will make your hair happier throughout the summer. Get yourself a bamboo hair turban to halve your drying time.


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