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Top 5 Conditioner Mistakes

You've been washing your hair your whole life. So you know how to do it, right? Right? 

Errrm, possibly no. You might be surprised to learn that you don't know how to look after your hair quite as well as you think. In fact, hundreds of us across the UK are asking Dr Google "how much conditioner should I use?".

But don't worry chicas. We're here to help you avoid the 5 most common conditioner mistakes.

1. You skip it completely

*Gasp*. It happens. We know, we were shocked too. If you're not sure on the role of conditioner it's understandable why you might skip it. So let us give you the lowdown.

Shampoo cleanses your hair and removes build ups of dirt, products and impurities. While some shampoos are still loaded with conditioning agents (hello indie shampoos), their primary purpose is giving you a fresh base to start from. 

Conditioner on the other hand, kisses moisture back into your strands. Giving them strength and hydration essential for healthy hair. 

Heat styling or colouring your hair? Conditioner is non-negotiable.

2. You use too much

Raise your hands if you get through 3x more conditioner than shampoo? Yeah, we did too. We've done the learning so here's why you can be doing more harm than good.

Using too much conditioner can lead to your hair feeling weighed down. This means you're more likely to wash your hair on the regular, throwing off your ideal hair wash schedule.

You hair type will determine how much conditioner you need. Don't know your hair type? Check out our easy 3 steps to determine which type you are.

If you're using a silicone conditioner you're also more likely to use more than you need. Switch to a silicone-free conditioner that penetrates your strands.

3. You use it on your roots

No. Just no. Start at your mid lengths and run through to your ends. Comb it through the ensure your strands are coated. 

Using conditioner on your roots can lead to greasy hair, dandruff and and an itchy scalp. Avoid!

4. You rinse it out too quickly

Conditioner needs time on your strands to give the full benefit. We recommend leaving it on for at least three minutes. Giving you enough time to win that argument in your head.

5. You don't rinse it all out

Once your hair has felt the full benefit of your conditioner it's time to rinse it right out. Accidentally leaving traces of conditioner is one of the most commons reasons from strands that appear greasy and limp.

Run your fingers through from roots to ends while rinsing to ensure your hair is truly clean.

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