Starter Duo - indie.
Starter Duo - indie.
Starter Duo - indie.
Starter Duo - indie.
Starter Duo - indie.
Starter Duo - indie.
Starter Duo - indie.
Starter Duo - indie.

Starter Duo - Pink

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Join the indie. revolution - 99% less plastic than traditional shampoo and conditioner.

Includes two 500ml aluminium bottles & pumps filled with your choice of vegan shampoo and conditioner for your best hair day ✨

See our range of shampoo and conditioner here.

All our products are vegan and come without the nasties of sulfates and parabens, meaning your hair can be healthy and happy, while doing good for the environment. 

Subscribe and save to save 10% on your refills. Never go without shampoo & conditioner again.

- Made with 100% natural ingredients

- We never parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrance

- Vegan and cruelty-free

- Leaping Bunny certified

- 99% less plastic than traditional shampoo and conditioner

- No palm oil

You can find the full ingredients list for all our shampoo and conditioners here.


Cocoa butter me up

We go loco for cocoa. Cocoa butter is a luxurious treat for your hair. Its moisturising properties will help restore luster and shine. Feel like your hair is losing its sparkle? This is the shampoo for you.

you're gunna be my vitamin e

Take your vitamins kids. Is your hair struggling from breakage? Our Vitamin E shampoo will help form a protective barrier over your hair over time to help protect from damage.

tea tree 'em mean

Scalp saviour right here. Tea tree banishes dandruff, helps with greasy roots AND clears product build up. Tell us something it can't do.

orange you glad to see me

This fabulously fruity shampoo gets its scent from its natural, sweet orange oil. This shampoo is enriched with oils for intensely nourished and shiny hair. Banish those dry, frazzled locks.


get me that miracle moringa

Looking for thick, healthy and shiny hair? Moringa is a miracle ingredient packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins. Give a new lease of life to your hair.

you're having me argan again

Dry, frizzy hair? Get satin-smooth locks with this conditioner full of shine-boosting argan oil, strengthening your hair from the inside out.

flattery walnut get you anywhere

For brown or black hair. Packed with black walnut to deepen your hair colour and give you gorgeous, dark locks.

tea tree 'em mean

Refreshing, light and citrusy. Leaves your hair feeling restored with moisture while being light and soft. Great for oily hair and scalp.

all in a moroccan clay's work

Cleanse and restore your hair. This conditioner will help draw out toxins from hair while coating the follicles with hair-healthy minerals. Hello healthy, soft strands.

keratin to make the boys wink

Bathe your hair in the wonder protein that is keratin. Deeply nourishing the hair fibre from within, you'll end up with hair that locks fuller, glossier and smoother.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

so happy

Gaynor Bennett
Great service

Great service and beautifully packaged nice smelling shampoo and conditioner. I haven’t tried either yet as have other products to finish but am looking forward to trying them and very pleased with the green ccredentials.

The scent is like no other shampoo i have used ever

I loved this starter pack so much and couldn't wait to try. First time i thought my hair looked greasy after but i was in love with the scent and most of all the no waste with plastic. I am confussed though because the shampoo i have smells nothing like cocoa butter and same with the moringa conditioner . I don't know if a mix up or what to be honest but im sure i will find out. I love the smell of them so much but i am unsure if i have been using them the wrong way around. The conditioner is really thick like clay and the shampoo like a thick juice. Overall i love them and they are nothing like i have used before as i said but I'm confussed . Thanks

Ruth H.
Awful shampoo and conditioner

I purchased orange you glad to see me shampoo and get me that miracle moringa conditioner as they seemed most suitable for my hair type. The shampoo made my hair so incredibly tangled I thought I'd rip my hair out, I have never had a shampoo that is so hard to work into my hair (my hair type is frizzy/wavy hair). After rinsing out the shampoo, my hair felt horrible. Then coating my hair in the conditioner was equally difficult and after leaving in for 5 minutes and rinsing out throughly, my hair still felt incredibly tangled and unfortunately when my hair dried it felt waxy and gross. I had to rewash my hair with my old shampoo and conditioner. I've been using more natural shampoos without silicones/sls etc for years and have never had this problem apart from some shampoo bars with the waxiness but never have I had a product tangle my hair soooo much and make my hair feel so awful. Literally the worst shampoo and conditioner I've ever used. I'm so disappointed as I really wanted to love this.

better than head and shoulders

better than head and shoulders for my dandruff and love that its refillable