Unlock the power of a flake-free scalp

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  • Removes build up and flakes

  • Increases blood flow for repair

  • Distributes shampoo and oils evenly

  • Soothes irritation and itchiness

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    "Love my scalp massager it's made my dandruff so much better"

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    "After only a week I'm flake free - soooo happy"

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    "So much better than my cheap one from Amazon for my sore scalp"

How it works...

Clarifies scalp

A deep clean that's toe-curlingly good

Perfectly designed for a gentle yet effective massage to clear product, oil, and sebum build up. Leaving your scalp clear and flake-free

Increases blood flow

Promote healthy growth for flawless tresses

Boost blood flow to the scalp to provide the nutrients needed for scalp repair and healthy hair growth. Leading to stronger, shinier, and thicker tresses

moisturises & nourishes

Upgrade your shampoo game

Evenly distributes shampoo and natural oils to keep follicles clear and hydrated. Reducing dandruff severity over time