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so happy

Starter Duo - Pink
Gaynor Bennett
Great service

Great service and beautifully packaged nice smelling shampoo and conditioner. I haven’t tried either yet as have other products to finish but am looking forward to trying them and very pleased with the green ccredentials.

I really didn't get on with the shampoo I bought. It made my hair feel really greasy. I spoke to Jo and she replaced it for me with no issues with the tea tree which my hair and scalp LOVE. I had no issues with the conditioner at any point, or any transition period. Really happy my issue got sorted, great product just not one that worked for me at first.

My hair feels amazing

Refill Duo

my new go to

love it

was so happy when it arrived - love it

Love it!

I've been using this conditioner for a couple of weeks now and it's made my hair feel so much healthier already!
I have shoulder length curly hair and since returning to the UK after two years living abroad, using silicone free hair products, my hair was not appreciating my return to a non-natural conditioner. My hair was dry and frizzy and often felt like I hadn't washed all the product out even if I had. But since making the switch it's so soft and just feels like my hair again!
The conditioner has a nice, fresh scent thats not overpowering at all and I feel like a little goes a long way. I think I'll get the shampoo as well when I've finished my last Korean refill.
I was really happy to find Indie and not only get a natural, silicone free product but also to have a beautiful reusable bottle and get refills in future. It feels better for my hair and the planet :)
I love the attention to detail and that it came in all recyclable packaging with a lovely hand written note, thanks so much Indie! x

The scent is like no other shampoo i have used ever

I loved this starter pack so much and couldn't wait to try. First time i thought my hair looked greasy after but i was in love with the scent and most of all the no waste with plastic. I am confussed though because the shampoo i have smells nothing like cocoa butter and same with the moringa conditioner . I don't know if a mix up or what to be honest but im sure i will find out. I love the smell of them so much but i am unsure if i have been using them the wrong way around. The conditioner is really thick like clay and the shampoo like a thick juice. Overall i love them and they are nothing like i have used before as i said but I'm confussed . Thanks

Awful shampoo and conditioner

I purchased orange you glad to see me shampoo and get me that miracle moringa conditioner as they seemed most suitable for my hair type. The shampoo made my hair so incredibly tangled I thought I'd rip my hair out, I have never had a shampoo that is so hard to work into my hair (my hair type is frizzy/wavy hair). After rinsing out the shampoo, my hair felt horrible. Then coating my hair in the conditioner was equally difficult and after leaving in for 5 minutes and rinsing out throughly, my hair still felt incredibly tangled and unfortunately when my hair dried it felt waxy and gross. I had to rewash my hair with my old shampoo and conditioner. I've been using more natural shampoos without silicones/sls etc for years and have never had this problem apart from some shampoo bars with the waxiness but never have I had a product tangle my hair soooo much and make my hair feel so awful. Literally the worst shampoo and conditioner I've ever used. I'm so disappointed as I really wanted to love this.

better than head and shoulders

better than head and shoulders for my dandruff and love that its refillable

Tea Tree is great

Went back to Head and Shoulders when I was home visiting family and my scalp was itchy the whole time I was there. Won't travel without my indie tea tree shampoo again

Shampoo Refill
Darragh M.
Love it

Does exactly what is says on the tin

Really wanted to love this

Really wanted to love this as I think the brand is great and the bottles look great in my bathroom.

I just couldn’t get on with the conditioner it made my hair feel greasy. So sad :disappointed:

Hi Gina,

Sorry to hear this, it can take some time to get used to natural shampoo and conditioner, and often less is more. If you fancy giving it another go, make sure you avoid your roots with the conditioner - the shampoo and your scalps natural oils will do the work here.

For some people the transition period can be up to 4 weeks, although for most it is less than this!

I'm also happy to send you over some samples of our other formulas to see if there are any you get on with a bit better.

We'll send you an email as well to try and get this sorted :blush:


Went down a storm in my house

I got myself the starter duo as a treat and everyone in the house has decided that they are going to use them. Going through them at a rate of knots. We're all obsessed with the tea tree shampoo <3

LOVE in my bathroom

I love having these in my bathroom and get asked about them all the time

really love my new bottles

these look SO much nicer in my bathroom. my bottles came with a couple of scratches on though, but still look so much nicer than my normal shampoo.

Hey Jessie,

Glad to hear that you're loving your bottles!

Brushed aluminium, despite all its amazing properties, is partial to getting and showing scratches. We do, however, work to make sure our bottles go out the door in tip top condition.

If you're unhappy with the bottles please email and we can get these swapped out for you. We ensure returned bottles don't go to waste by giving them to friends and family of our team. :recycle:️


Tea tree saved my dandruff

The tea tree shampoo - wow! Saved my dandruff. My boyfriend now loves it too so I'm getting through double :joy:

Refill Duo
Not a fan of the refill packaging

I get on pretty well with the product and really love the idea but the refill packaging doens't work for me, it seems a bit flimsy and I had to go and buy a funnel to refill my bottles

Hey Lennie,

Glad to hear you're getting on well with the product, and to hear that you've bought a refill!

We take your point on the refill packaging and we'll be more open about needing a funnel moving forward!

We're currently working on new packaging for our refills, so hopefully when it comes time to refill again we'll have spout packaging :green_heart:


Tea tree shampoo is awesome

Accidentally ordered a refill instead of a starter kit but Jo was so helpful in getting it sorted, and now I have a refill kit too. Really love the tea tree shampp so much, it's helped both mine and my partners dandruff massively.

Docking a star as the refill kit needs a funnel to put in the bottle, luckily we had one but weren't made aware of the fact we would need one.


Can't recommend these products enough! Have been wanting to find a more sustainable alternative to regular shampoos for ages, as I'm really trying to reduce my plastic use and was sick of throwing out loads of plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles that I know aren't going to be recycled. Have tried shampoo bars before but found they didn't last long at all and actually didn't leave my hair feeling clean. Saw indie on instagram and gave it a go! I have quite dry hair so I went for the cocoa butter shampoo and clay conditioner and they smell so so good. They arrived in great packaging with no plastic and really clear instructions on how to recycle. The amount you get in your starter kit is so much and the bottles look great, makes my bathroom feel like a salon. I love that they come with pumps so you get the right amount each time. The shampoo left my hair feeling really clean and fresh, and the conditioner is so moisturising. The one thing I would say is you need so little conditioner each wash, I use just one pump (which felt like nothing compared to what I used with my old tresemmee conditioner) but that's all you need to get through your hair. I can tell these bottles are going to last me ages so even though they're more expensive than the nasty cheap shop brands, I actually think its going to be better value for money - and its not coating my hair in cheap chemicals and its all cruelty free and plastic free so I can actually feel good about using it!

My hair feels so much healthier

Wow, my hair is feeling so much healthier and it's finally holding styles! It did take my hair a few washes to get used to, I've always bought the cheapest shampoo and conditioner from boots, love me an Alberto Balsam. Now I'm ashamed of my alberto addiction. I was using so much product before and I was using the same amount of indie at the start. It weighed my hair down and I wasn't sure about if I would continue but I pushed through and started using so much less product and my hair is looking amazing! Also love the packing and the fact that I'm having to use so much less product, this is going to last me ages. Also really like that I can subscribe and not have to worry about running out of product.

Perfect if you have a stubborn case of dandruff

Got a early starter kit at the launching and got to say one of the best shampoos I've ever tried. All natural ingredients, vegan and cruelty free.

My partner always had dry scalp and dandruff that wouldn't go, even with the anti-dandruff shampoos.

After a couple uses with this one (tea tree and neem), that changed!

The hair comes so soft too, even without the use of conditioner. I'd give more stars if I could!