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Is Caffeine Good For Your Hair?

Caffeine, the wonder drug that gets most of us out of bed in the morning. It's a miracle in a mug. But what about for your hair?

Caffeine benefits hair in several ways. From limiting damage to strands to providing necessary nutrients and vitamins.

Why is caffeine good for your hair?

Caffeine can help promote hair growth. It does this right from the root by targeting a hormone called 'DHT' which causes hair loss. DHT blocks vitamins, minerals and proteins from helping new hair to grow.

It's also known to increase blood circulation to the scalp. A stimulated scalp lets hair follicles grow faster, healthier and stronger. Pair with our Oh-So-Soft scalp massager to get the full blood-flow benefits.

Does caffeine thicken hair?

Choosing a shampoo with caffeine can lead to longer, thicker locks. This is through a combination of factors:

1. Increased hair growth

As caffeine targets DHT your hair is less likely to shed, and is instead encouraged at the roots to grow. Think of it like your morning espresso shot. 

2. By extending the hair growth phase

Our hair grows in three phases - anagen, catagen and telogen. During the anagen phase your hair follicles are getting the nutrients and blood supply needed to thrive and grow. Studies have shown that caffeine extends this period, giving your hair the extra time it needs to grow long and thick.


3. It targets protein and keratin

Each strand of hair contains protein and keratin, both of which are absolutely essential for having long luscious locks. Luckily, caffeine increases the production of both protein and keratin. Giving you stronger strands less prone to breaking and ending up in your drain. Win. Win.

So if you're finding that your hair is thinning or breaking more than normal pick a shampoo infused with caffeine.  

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