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5 Major Hair Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

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It's easy to think we know everything about how to look after our own hair. But often we're not taking the necessary steps for healthy strands. Or, even worse, we're making choices that are actively damaging our flowing locks.

From brushing wet hair to using towels to dry, you might not realise the level of damage you're doing. Here's some easy changes you can make to be more gentle on your locks.

1. Putting your hair in a ponytail constantly

Putting your hair in a ponytail regularly causes unnecessary breakage, both at the roots and through the ends. But there are things you can do to minimise the damage. Choose either a scrunchie or a claw clip to keep hair away from your face.

2. Brushing your hair when wet

Not only is wet hair heavier, but it's also more elastic and delicate. This means that brushing when wet will stretch the strands out and cause them to break. If you need to brush your hair when wet use a wide tooth comb instead.

3. Using a harsh towel to dry hair

Do you use the same towel for your body and hair after stepping out of the shower? It's ridiculously common but it's a major no-no. Even for the most low maintenance among us, getting a hair turban is enough to make a huge difference to the health of your hair. Look for a turban thats large enough to fir your hair without cramming it in, and gentle enough to dry it without breakage. You'll want to look for a microfibre towel or, even better, a bamboo turban. These will help speed up your hair drying time, reducing your reliance on your hair dryer.

4. Using too much heat

Exposure to high heat damages keratin in your strands, which leads to weaker hair that loses its elasticity. Once your hair loses its elasticity it becomes more prone to damage. Experiment with styles to find the best heatless one for you. Or if you need to style with heat, ensure you're always using heat protector.

5. Combing knots out from the roots

Brushing your hair from the roots to the ends can cause extra knots and lead to hair breakage. Even though it seems unnatural, you should instead brush small sections of hair from the ends upwards. 

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