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5 Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

Stuck for summer styles for your medium-length hair? We got you. Whether you're looking for something with curls, a messy top-knot, or something a little indie; we've got the easy hairdo for you.

Here are our 5 go-to styles when looking for something to get us through summer. 

Messy Bun with Curls

Ciara with top knot curls and headscarf

We're screaming over this perfect up-do. Let's imagine it's taken Ciara (or her hairdresser) the 9000 times it's taken up to get something that looks so perfectly messy.

How to:
  • Tip your head upside down and gather in a loose ponytail
  • Twist your hair and wrap it round to form a bun (depending on your hair length & texture, you may need to add a hair doughnut)
  • Bobby pin into place
  • Pull slightly at your bun until you're happy
  • Pull out tendrils around your face, you can add texture to these by gently curling


Space Buns

khloe kardashian space buns summer hairstyle

We're always glad when summer comes and space buns are back on the table. We love this half up, half down do that's just as perfect for a festival as it is a beer garden.

How To
  • Part your hair down the centre & gather the top half of hair on one side
  • Secure in a high pony with a clear elastic and repeat on the other side
  • Take the tail of your pony and wrap it around the base (this is easier if you twist your hair first)
  • Secure in place with bobby pins
  • Repeat on the other side
  • Pull out any tendrils round your face & you're ready to rock to your buns! 

Low Bun with Accessories

Slicked Back Hair With Accessories Summer Hairstyle

 We're not one to shy away from accessories. Especially since it's such a simple way to elevate any look. We're digging Saoirse's slicked back, fringe-heavy, bejewelled bun. Pair with statement earrings for ultimate glam.

How To
  • Pull your hair back into a low ponytail, leaving your fringe out to frame your face (no fringe, just leave a couple of pieces of hair to frame your face, or go fully slicked back!)
  • Divide your ponytail into two sections, intertwine them together and secure with a clear elastic
  • To make the bun, twist that section around the hair tie and secure with bobby pins
  • Add a statement hair grip of your choice (you can check out some of our fave looks here)

Slicked Back High Pony

woman with slicked back curly high ponytail

Probably the most worn hairstyle in the indie office. This do looks great with natural hair, regardless of your hair type. And will save you if you've missed hair wash day. Win win.

Make sure you give your hair enough time to recover after styling like this, however. Tight ponytails can lead to thinning at the hair line. 

How To
  • Gather your hair in a high pony right at the top of your head and secure with a band
  • Comb through some gel to tame down any fly aways
  • Comb baby hairs down along the scalp if needed

Messy Side Braid

Emma Stone messy side braid

Easy. Chill. The hairdo of dreams. You want loose pieces of hair & volume here. We love this look paired with gold hoops or statement earrings. Sorry Emma. Get some accessories on!

How To
  • Part your hair deeply on side and bring all your hair to the side you want your plait
  • Plait your hair and secure with a band
  • Once it's secure begin pulling at the plait to loosen it and pull out any hair you want framing your face
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