are you using too much conditioner?

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Used to getting through conditioner at twice the speed of your shampoo? It's a common occurrence, especially if your hair is used to silicone conditioners.

The silicone present in most conditioners leave a coat over strands of hair. In the short-term this will give you that smooth, frizz-free hair that we all crave. 

But what does it actually mean for the health of your hair?

Long-term silicones prevent hair from being properly moisturised. This can cause your hair to respond one of two ways. It will either get dry and brittle due to the lack of moisture, or it will look overly greasy as a result of trying to produce more oil to make up for the deficit. 

how much natural conditioner should you be using?


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We recommend at least halving the amount of conditioner you would normally use and combing it through to coat the hair.

And don't forget, conditioner should be used on the ends only. If you use it near your roots you'll run the risk of weighty hair that can feel greasy.

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less is more with indie.

Silicone-free and packed full of natural oils, our conditioners will moisturise and nourish hair from the inside out. Meaning you'll need far less product to do a better job at keeping your hair healthy long-term.

This is great news for both your pockets and the environment. We believe less is always more.

is there anything else I need to know when switching?

If you're ready to make the switch to natural haircare there can be a transition period. As your hair is used to silicone it can sometimes take a couple of weeks for hair to feel its best. This shouldn't take a longer than a month and will leave your hair feeling better long-term.

Get started with our natural haircare and refillable bottles here.

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